ProjectsToday – Direct Marketing Service (DMS)

The new projects business in India is worth an astounding Rs.30 trillion – a massive $800 billion or for a frame of reference, over 70 per cent of our country’s GDP!

Hundreds of products and services will be needed for translating the current projects investment into assets. Putting it in some perspective, this overall investment of Rs.30 trillion represents a large part of the total business opportunity for project-related businesses like yours.

Our experience suggests that decisions relating to purchase of project-related products and services are taken by a set of key entities. These comprise promoters, architects, contractors and consultants (PACC). It is only this small PACC family that decides or substantially influences decisions.

The Moral: To access the burgeoning projects investment business in India, you need to reach out only to this key set of PACC decision makers.

Our analysis suggests that this PACC mass will decide over 80 per cent of the total purchase decisions that will take place in the Indian project industry in the time to come. The key to success is to create repeated awareness of your services in just this PACC mass.

Introducing “ProjectsToday – Direct Marketing Service” (PT-DMS)!

Since 2000, ProjectsToday has been serving Indian industry’s need for up-to-date information on the new project sector through its online portal

Run through the matchless features of our service outlined, and you will soon know how a small decision can have a huge positive impact on your business!



About “ProjectsToday – Direct Marketing Service (PT-DMS)”

This service enables you to execute focused direct mailing campaigns through DIGITAL MAILERS or E-FLYERS that are tailored to your product/service offerings.

PT - DMS will enable you to reach out directly not only to project promoters but also the influencers, across sectors/geographical locations.

PT - DMS will help you not only to generate sales leads but also qualify them. This service will also widely help to generate attendance at company-sponsored seminars, symposia and other events.

PT - DMS is committed to reach out to an ever increasing number of key decision makers, thanks to our continual effort at building, validating and fine-tuning the mailing database. Our continual and close interaction with the project fraternity has helped us build a most reliable and up-to-date database of project fraternity.

Target Audience

The PT - DMS will help you reach out to 62,000+ strong professionals from the PACC group, which include:

• 42,000 professionals who belong to project promoting companies
  (Incl. top management, project managers, site engineers, purchase / procurement managers etc.)
• 5,000 belonging to the project contracting companies
• 5,000 from project consulting companies, and
• 10,000 professionals from the architectural firms

With this, you can reach out to over 25,000 new projects currently underway in India!

Why PT - DMS?

PT - DMS has unique advantages other media cannot offer.

1. Direct - Will be read by person himself
2. Focused - No media wastage, ensures cost-effectiveness
3. Accurate - Email addresses continually validated
4. Swift - Faster than conventional media and at fractional cost
5. Flexible - Promotional material can be fine-tuned without tangible cost
6. Spam proof - The mail will be sent from ProjectsToday, a recognized “white listed” source, minimizing the chance of being treated as SPAM by mail servers

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